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These specially formulated herbalife Activated Fiber Tablet contain a blend of soluble and insoluble fibres to support digestive health.



Herbalife activated Fiber Tablets-Herbalife Product

Overview of Herbalife activated Fiber Tablets:

These specially formulated herbalife Activated Fiber Tablet contain a blend of soluble and insoluble fibers to support digestive health.

Key Benefits Of Herbalife Activated Fiber Tablets:

Herbalife Activated Fiber tablets have a perfect amount of dietary fiber, which is required by your body to remain healthy. Herbalife Activated Fiber Tablets contain oats and citrus, which increase the intake of fiber by your body. It helps in improving your digestion and keeps you active all day, enabling you to carry on your daily tasks well. Along with this, these fiber tablets help in controlling your appetite.
Consuming Herbalife Activated Fiber Tablets provide you with a high-fiber diet that helps in reducing weight by maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. A controlled sugar level prevents the risk of diabetes and keeps your heart healthy. Herbalife Activated Fiber tablets are a perfect blend of insoluble and soluble dietary fiber, which helps you fight hunger and experience a feeling of fullness, reducing overeating.
To see the desired results, consume these tablets as per the instructions mentioned on the pack. So, avoid hunger and experience a healthy lifestyle by adding a dose of fiber to your diet.
  • Includes fiber from pea and oats to increase your fiber intake.
  • Consumption of adequate amount of Fiber in daily diet helps maintain good digestive health.
  • Activated Fiber is composed of fibers derived from various vegetable sources, such as pea and oat fibre.
  • Herbalife Shapeworks Fiber and Herb tablets combine oat bran and selected herbs, which work together to help encourage the efficient elimination of wastes products from the food we eat. A ‘cleanser’ digestive system can function more effectively, and also help to ensure better absorption of essential nutrients from our food and control blood sugar level.
  • Natural foods are usually high in fiber, i.e. whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables.
  • It passes through the stomach into the digestive tract and on to the large bowel intact where it absorbs water and other waste materials, then is passes as stool.

Nutritional Fact of Herbalife Activated Fiber Tablets:

  • Herbalife Activated Fiber Tablet is an essential nutrient that is required for various biological and physiological functions,
    such as digestive health. The Recommend Daily Allowance (RDA) of dietary consumption of
     ber for Indian is 40 g/day.
    However, most individuals do not consume enough  ber to obtain its potential bene ts.
  • Fibers are carbohydrates your body needs for healthy digestion.*
  • Insoluble fiber passes intact through the digestive system. Soluble fiber dissolves in water to form a gel.

Usage Of Herbalife Activated Fiber Tablets:

  • For optimum performance, between 25 and 35 grams is recommended herbalife Activated Fiber Tablet. At present, the amount consumed in the typical healthy diet is just 12-15 grams. One slice of wholemeal bread provides approximately 1.5 grams of fiber.
  • Our body is dependent on a good supply of Herbalife Activated Fiber Tablet to help with the digestive process and the elimination of waste products from the food we eat. Unfortunately, our modern diet contains a high proportion of highly-processed and often fiber-deficient foods. This lack of fiber hampers the effectiveness of the digestive tract rendering it less efficient in the waste elimination process. Research suggests that this lack of fiber in the diet is the root cause of several digestive related problems.
  • One to two tablets with meal, three times per day.

Frequently Asked Questions of Activated Fiber Tablets:

Q.1 What is Herbalife activated Fiber?

A.1 Activated Fiber tablets, a blend of dietary fiber’s including citrus and oat, are a convenient way to increase your intake of healthy fiber daily. It is a combination of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber’s that helps curb appetite by providing a feeling of fullness and reducing the indulgence to over eat.

Q.2 What does Herbalife activated fiber do?

A.2 Herbalife Nutrition launches Active Fiber Complex. … Dietary fibre is a key component in healthy eating and dietary habits. It provides several digestive health benefits, including support for regular bowel function, maintenance of gastrointestinal health and even potential benefits for weight management.

Q.3 Do fiber pills make you lose weight?

A.3 Soluble Fiber Helps Reduce Appetite

One way to lose belly fat is to lose weight. And given that soluble fiber is a powerful natural appetite suppressant, it can help you do that. … Some studies have found that eating soluble fiber reduces the levels of hunger hormones produced by the body, including ghrelin ( 23 , 24 )

Q.4 What does Herbalife fiber do?

A.4 Supports regularity and healthy digestion with this fiber powder. Promotes regularity and healthy bowel movement. Promotes growth of friendly intestinal bacteria. One serving provides 5g of the recommended 25- to 35-gram daily intake of soluble and insoluble fiber

Q.5 Does Herbalife have  fiber?

A.5 HERBALIFE ACTIVE FIBER COMPLEX APPLE FLAVOR 6.7 OZ. … One serving provides 5g of the recommended 25- to 35-gram daily intake of soluble and insoluble fiber. Contains soluble and insoluble fiber to minimize bloating. Most people eat half the recommended daily dietary fiber intake.

Disclaimer of Herbalife Activated Fiber Tablets:

  • Not recommended for children. Pregnant or lactating women should consult their physician prior to use of this product. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The product does not contain fruits and spices shown in the picture.
  • This document is only for general information and not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a
    qualified and registered medical practitioner or a recommendation for any treatment plan
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