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Herbalife H24 Hydrate is developed by experts in sports nutrition. Replenish your body with bioavailable electrolytes. It provides five essential vitamins (B1, B2, B5, B12, and C) and five essential electrolytes (Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Sodium). When mixed with water, it’s a perfect any-time hydration option for everyone. This refreshing orange…


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 Herbalife H24 Hydrate Herbalife Product:

Overview of Herbalife H24 Hydrate Herbalife Product:

Herbalife H24 Hydrate is a calorie free Orange flavour electrolyte drink designed to encourage fluid consumption. Contains 100% RDA of vitamin C to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. Contains 20 Stick Packs.

Keeping in mind that you don’t pull or cramp your muscles while working out, there is another thing you need to keep your mind on is staying hydrated throughout the workout. We don’t realize how important it is to stay hydrated when we are exercising. Our body is 75% water and our body crave fluids when we are working out intensely.

We generally don’t realize how thirsty we are until and unless we have worked out for a long time and our mouth is a dry desert. To help you with this fluid replenishing situation, H24 hydrate Herbalife  drink mix helps with this problem. Herbalife H24 hydrate keeps your body hydrated, with the help of bio available electrolytes it boosts the fluid absorption process and we don’t need to take a large amount of the product just a small will last all day. Herbalife H24 Hydrate is ideal for those people who want to stay hydrated throughout their work out routine.

Key Benifits of  Herbalife H24 Hydrate Product:

People who don’t like drinking water or just forget to drink water can mix Herbalife H24 Hydrate in their water bottle and its tangerine flavor will create the interest to drink water throughout the whole day. Herbalife 24 hydrate stimulate people’s taste buds with its citrous flavor and in this way people are more inclined to drink water.

  • Availability of electrolytes which boost fluid absorption in our body.
  • It has low calorie which means that anyone can take this.
  • Provides B vitamins (B1, B2, pantothenic acid and B12) and calcium and magnesium, all contributing to normal energy-yielding metabolism.
  • It enhances fat utilization in our body.
  • Absence of artificial flavors and colors.
  • Beneficial for physically active people.
  • The presence of vitamin C support antioxidants.
  • No artificial colours, no artificial flavours

Nutritional Fact of Herbalife h24 Hydrate:

All these benefits we are getting from Herbalife H24 Hydrate is very essential for our body. Now, let’s take a look at the ingredients of Herbalife 24 Hydrate:


  • Vitamins B (B1, B2, B12
  • It has calcium and magnesium
  • Lastly, some subtle flavors to enhance the interest of the person who is consuming it.
  • We can see that all the ingredients will not harm our body in any way and without thinking about the adverse effects you can enjoy this electrolyte drink. For people who are wondering what is electrolyte water and in what ways it will benefit our body, we will explain all those things here.
  • Provides essential electrolytes (Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Sodium).
  • Low calorie hydration drink.
  • Subtle Orange Flavour.
  • No artificial color

BANNED SUBSTANCE TESTED. This product is certified with Informed-Sport. The Informed-Sport programme provides assurance that products have been tested for a wide range of substances prohibited in sport. Every batch of this product is tested for banned substances under the Informed-Sport programme.

Help In Improving Exercise  of Herbalife H24 Hydrate:

Improving Exercise of Herbalife H24 Hydrate Virat Kohli

Electrolyte-enhanced drinks like Herbalife 24 hydrate drink mix can help athletes or people who work out, to replenish their water and minerals which are lost during exercising.

We don’t have an idea about what can decrease in water in our body do the efficiency of our body to involve in physical activity. Our body will experience a decrease in strength, speed and focus if the water loss is just 1-2% of our body weight.

Our sweat has a significant amount of sodium and potassium, calcium and magnesium which clearly means that it contains the electrolyte.

If we collect our sweat until its up to 1litre, that amount of sweat will contain 1 gram of sodium which means that if we lose 1litre of sweat, we are losing 1 gram of sodium and this is the reason why drinks like Herbalife H24 hydrate is preferred over plain water if we are working out a lot of living in a hot climate or even if we sweat a lot in general.

Sports drinks are generally not for treating severe diarrhea and vomiting but still, they can replenish the lost electrolytes but if diarrhea and vomiting last for more than 24 hours the person should seek medical attention immediately.

Usage Of Herbalife H24 Hydrate:

Herbalife H24 Hydrate Mix content of one sachet (5 g) with 500 ml of water, use 1 serving per day.

  • Athlete during intense training
  • Anyone exercising before or after work
  • Manual worker throughout the day

Frequently Asked Questions of Herbalife H24 Hydrate:

Q-1 What is electrolyte water?

A-1 Electrolytes are basically minerals which helps in conducting electricity when dissolved in water. With the help of fluids, these electrolytes are distributed in our body and facilitate various bodily functions with the use of their electrical energy. Electrolytes are essential for us for the following reasons:

  • Exercising control over the fluid balance.
  • Regulation the pressure of our blood.
  • Facilitating in the contraction of our muscles.
  • Helps in maintaining correct acidity in our blood means the pH level.

Tap water has traces of minerals in them and in 1 liter of tap water the presence of sodium, calcium, and magnesium is equal to 2-3% of the reference daily intake which is not enough for our body. So we need electrolyte-enhanced sports drinks to meet the requirement of our body.

Q-2 Why choose electrolyte water and not normal water?

Hydrating our body is essential for body functions like transportation of nutrients, regulating the temperature of our body and flushing out toxins from our body. Both electrolyte water and normal help our body to do these function and so do beverages like tea, coffee, milk.

But when we working out for than a hour, sweating heavily while working out, experiencing severe vomiting and diarrhea and being out in hot temperatures electrolyte water is necessary and you can easily make electrolyte water with the help of hydrate h24 by mixing the product with water and carrying your work without worrying about the lost fluids and electrolytes.

Conclusion of Herbalife H24 Hydrate:

Herbalife 24 hydrate is altogether a very effective and efficient electrolyte enriched drink mix. People who are athletes, who work out, who needs low-calorie hydration, who is an all day-laborer can consume Herbal 24 hydrate because it is calorie-free and helps in reducing tiredness and fatigue by having vitamin C in it.

It contributes a lot in a normal energy-producing metabolism because it gives Vitamins B ( B1, B2, pantothenic acid, and B12) and calcium and magnesium. In addition to that, it does not contain artificial colors and artificial flavors.

Disclaimer Of Herbalife H24 H24 Hydrate:

Not recommended for children. Pregnant or lactating women should consult their physician prior to use of this product. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.







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